The ICEL Sunday Islamic School aims to impart Islamic learning in children who attend the regular school system. In one day of the week, we aim to optimize the available time to instill basic Islamic and human values. This includes an understanding of the Islamic fundamentals and way of life.

The School curriculum is divided into four main tracts:

  • Fundamentals of Islam (Iman, 5 pillars etc.)
  • Basic Islamic Etiquettes (Akhlaq , educating universal human values of kindness, tolerance and understanding)
  • Life (seerah) and sayings (hadith) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)  and other Prophets including Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Noah, (PBUT)
  • Quran Recitation and Understanding with meaning


Fundamentals of Islam (Iman, 5 pillars etc.)

  • Shahadah
  • Salat
  • Zakat
  • Saum
  • Hajj


Islamic Etiquettes

  • “Your body has a right over you”. Islamic hygiene and cleanliness
  • Rights of neighbors
  • Parents, family, and friends
  • Rights of animals, environment and the responsibilities of a Muslim


Muhammad (PBUH) mercy for worlds

  • The best example: Who was Muhammad?
  • Prophetic way of life
  • Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH)


Quran – the final testament

  • The perfect book of guidance
  • Selected surahs for memorization
  • Understanding the meanings and message of Quran


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